(submitted by Aiko, 12)

photos by Aiko



These doughnut shaped breads are very popular in cafes, especially with cream cheese and smoked salmon. At our local bakery these special breads, which are actually from Israel, cost about a dollar each! I think you can make them just as well! I made the recipe by four.

(makes 7 large bagels)


250 grams of bread flour (Sir Oliver:you can add 1/4 whole wheat!)

160 ml/cc of hand- hot water.

2-3 tbsp. (45 grams) of sugar

1 tsp of yeast

1.5 tsp. salt

2 tsp. of oil


1. Put the hand-hot water in a bowl with the sugar and yeast and mix with a whisk. (Sir Oliver: the water should not be too hot as it can kill the yeast) Then add the oil 1/3 of the flour and mix until combined.

2. Mix into the above the remaining flour and the salt with a wooden spoon or paddle. Dust flour onto a clean surface and knead until smooth. (Sir Oliver: generally 5-10 minutes of vigorous kneading.)


then place the dough into a greased bowl to rise. Place a clean bag or clingfilm on the surface. Rising time should be about 1 hour.


3. After the dough has finished rising, remove it from the bowl and gently squeeze out any air bubbles with the palms. Divide the dough into 7 pieces and round them out.


Leave to rest for 10 minutes.

4. One by one, flatten the bagels and shape them like this: stick your finger through the middle and work a large hole. Place the bagels onbaking trays to rest a final 20-30 minutes of rising time.


5. After that, take each bagel and boil it in a frying pan of boiling water for thirty seconds each.



6.Place the boiled bagels back on the baking trays and bake at 200 degrees C for 10 minutes. When the oven beeps, turn the glorious golden bagels onto racks to cool.

bagels 1