(Submitted by Sir Oliver)

It was leeks the Jews murmered about not being able to have in the desert. (Leviticus 5:11) I always thought, “What? Leeks? Are leeks really worth going back to Egypt to build pyramids for?”Anyhow, murmerers always find something to murmer about.

I usually avoid fresh leeks as they’re a bit spicy and frisky tating. When you roast them in this very easy method though, they go sweet and mellow and taste great! Good on toothpicks as Hors’DeOuvres or as a snack with beer. (I do not, note, like beer)


  • leeks
  • a little oil (for a special flavor use olive or sesame oil.)
  • salt
  • freshly milled black pepper.



  1. cut the white section of the leeks into bite sized pieces. Do not use the green as it burns and doesn’t taste so pleasant.


  2. mix a little salt and pepper with the leeks. drizzle on a very little oil and thinly coat all the leeks. Turn out onto a toaster tray on a sheet of aluminum foil and toast until just browned…see the first pic.


  3. well, the recipe actually ends with step 2. The roasted leeks are nice with chicken roasts, in special salads (use less oil),with cream or cottage cheese on toast or bagels, etc.