Sir Oliver

So you’ve spent most of your time budget making the glorious birthday cake, but you have only thirty minutes or less before the birthday party is supposed to begin. What to do?

I’m not very nifty with piping bags, and I don’t like (and that is a mild form of the sentiment) to use food coloring. So, I have often resorted to using stencils. In this example I printed a Blue angel from the cover of XN 3 (or 4), cut the desired lady out, and sifted cocoa on the form to stencil it over the white cream. (Remember that the printed side should face up. Printer ink is as polar from food as boys are to girls.) It came out in the positive form of a Bond girl…Armed, Dangerous, Beautiful, and CHOCOLATE!

(A tad too thin…sorry. It was those scissors.)



If you need pictures to cut out, you can access the MO site and find some in the Pubs Art section. Or, if you’re good with scissors, draw a shape yourself.

It looks sophisticated, but I wouldn’t reccomend it for a kid’s party as kids are more attracted to color and detail than the minimalistic class depicted here. Perhaps even food coloring can be forgiven on a special occasion.

(Editor: We are eagerly awaiting your cake tips and tricks)