sent in by Daniella

(Sir Oliver: Please consult the Lord before trying any health plans, and ask Him for His confirmation as Daniella brings out many times in these articles.)


A sweet brother in Belgium, Vincent, sent me a chart on various remedies for different sicknesses. Please see attachment. Since I have frequent head aches, I tried the recommended Ginger and fish oils.

I would eat oily fish and put fresh ginger grated into my tea, and food, and besides being very yummy, it helped. One morning I woke up with a headache for example, put some ginger in my tea, boiled it, and drank it. Half an hour later the headache was gone! Thank you Jesus!

Kidney and gall stones

With the Lord’s help and in answer to prayer with the keys I found a natural remedy and got through this healed from very painful kidney or liver or gall stones in just 2 days! I prayed and the Lord showed me to look in the net under Gall and liver stones, here I found some good counsel.

For a day or two you drink only fresh apple juice and eat nothing and

at the evening of the you

mix one and a half cups of olive oil with the juice of two lemons and

take 2 table spoons every 15 minutes until all is finished.

Sleep that night as long as possible and the next day stay close to the bathroom, as you get rid of a lot of things! It was on the 30.12. so in a way like shedding the weights of the past year!

After this I felt like all fresh and new, had since then no more pains at all (and this is now more than a month ago.) and was able so to follow an invitation of friends to go to the mountains to their house, where we had a truly happy New year, with prayer, candle light meeting, walks in God’s beautiful creation etc. etc. TTL.


There was a man in Austria who healed more than 4 000 ppl from cancer by letting them fast and gave them a herbal tea and fresh vegetable juices. I personally know 4 ppl who got healed this way, when the doctors had given up! His book is also available in English and French (I have only the German version) His name is Rudolf Breuß, he died in good health at 91. You can find his book in Bio shops etc. or order it in Austria if you don’t find it any where else. He is a believer.
at his grandsons

Walter Margreiter
Im Hag 23
A- 6714 Nüziders

Then there is also a nurse who lived in Canada, Renee Caisse, who helped many from cancer with a herbal tea (Flor essence) from the Indians up there.
look for her story under, very interesting.

One friend in Turkey (a lawyer, who had stomach cancer, because she had a lot of worries trying to help the underdogs etc) went to Georgia, where she was treated 2 months with fresh fruit and vegetable juices, and got healed from supposedly “too far” advanced cancer. When she came back, she looked 10 years younger, and was completely healed!
Another friend had cancer of the uterus and underwent chemo therapy. She got rid of it this way, but was told that it might come back, which it did 3 years later just before her marriage. Her doctor said she needed to be right away operated with all her uterus and ovaries removed. Since she had met us just before and we had encouraged her to check with the Lord before making decisions, she decided to ask the Lord what to do. She opened her Bible to “Fear not, only believe.” She decided to go to another doctor, since the first one made her afraid. She went for check ups with several, and they all confirmed that it was urgent to remove it, but one said that he had healed himself once from lung cancer by fasting and an all raw diet. She decided to try it, and did a fast (detoxification) with what we call “Heilerde” in German or in French “Argil Vert” (or “Argil Blanch”) a kind of clay, and a real cleansing of the whole system. We also put her on a prayer chain, which helped. Then she ate only natural things, raw fruit and vegetables and nuts for months and got healed, even of cancer of the uterus,(which the doctors were gonna “urgently” completly remove) and now she has 2 children! She followed a special treatment by Dr. Hulda Clark, you can check it on the internet. Check also under self-help, or self healing.
And the best of course is payer and faith!

The main violinist from the Munich (Germany) Philharmonic orchestra had advanced stomach cancer, and stopped it by eating the inside of the seeds of apricots.
Also horsetail steamed and warm applied as a bandage overnight several times helps as far as I heard with many tumors etc. There is a book by Maria Treben,

“Health from God’s Pharmacy”
Ennsthaler Publisher
A- 4400 Steyr, Austria


The uncle of one of our contacts had terrible asthma and did a 21 day fast, where he drank only a vegetable bouillon. He got completely healed and has no more problems with it since.

No harm in trying it. Ask the Lord, maybe it is his way of healing….


My finger and toenails started crumbling and being outright ugly, and I found out that it was a fungus, that spreads…

When I couldn’t find a cure I finally went hesitantly to a doctor, who prescribed me a six months cure of strong pills and a tincture for the nails, which I would have to apply for at least 4 months daily several times, all very expensive on top of it. I decided to trust the Lord.

I got desperate, asked for prayer at a communion and asked the Lord what to do. When my daughter saw my nail on a visit, she said to use Tea Tree oil 2 times a day. I did, and it worked! After short time nice nails grew and the problem was over! Then we met a friend who told us that he had had a liver cirrhosis. We asked if he knew the reason, why he got it and he told us the following:

“I had a fungus on my nails and the doctor prescribed me a six month’s pill cure and tincture for my nails. I took it and after 4 months I had liver cirrhosis, which my other doctor found out, was due to this fungus treatment. On top of it it didn’t heal the fungus! Was I happy that I hadn’t taken the pills! And we told him about prayer and tea tree oil, and the Lord’s natural ways of healing, ad he was surprised.