submitted by Daniella

(on strawberries and apple cider vinegar)


 (Sir Oliver: Please consult the Lord before trying any health plans, and ask Him for His confirmation as Daniella brings out many times in these articles.)




Yes, isn’t that a nice medicine?

In our village lives a sweet couple. He used to have very painful rheumatism, to the point that he couldn’t work any ore as a waiter.

She found a very nice book, about fruit and vegetables being your medicine. In there it said that when you have rheumatism, you should eat for 1 month every morning a big bowl of strawberries in an empty stomach, and then wait until Lunch before you eat anything else. He tried it, and it worked!

He had no more problems with it for years! Isn’t this a nice medicine?


Apple cider vinegar

Oh what a wonderful instrument of the Lord to heal…



Breast infection: When I was nursing (and I nursed to babies, because the one sister I lived with didn’t have enough milk for her baby) my breast got infected, which hurt immensely! Someone suggested drinking water with apple cider vinegar, like 2 a Tbsp in one glass of water. I drank this 4 or 5 times and the infection started to disappear! So I continued for 2 days and it was gone!


Liver infection and pain: After a miscarriage I was very much run down and very tired and weak. I had lost a lot of blood and wasn’t well at all. One night I started to have heavy liver pains, to the point that I could barely breathe, as it hurt to breathe!

It was scary, so we prayed, and suddenly I had the inspiration (the Lord is so faithful!!!)

to drink a big glass of water with apple cider vinegar. Thank God we had some as we lived n a camp ground and the next shops were far away and it was 2 AM.

10 minutes after drinking this I started to feel better and after drinking 3 glasses, I was free of pain!

Apple cider vinegar is now part of our home pharmacy.

T is also very good to use as a rinse (mixed with water) to make the hair very shiny!