(by Babylove, Japan)


Yeah, you heard me, avocado pie! I tried it & most of us liked it. I searched various recipes & they generally all have the same basic ingredients. So I fused a recipe together & here it is. It’s ultra creamy. A few people said it almost tasted like banana??? Don’t ask why. The only one of my kids who didn’t like it was Ashley. Her subtle criticism was, “Mom, really nice CRUST!”, thanks Ash. It’s a sort of summer pie I’d say, but fun & surprisingly good. Try it…you just might like it.


Mix gelatin with lemon juice & wait 5 minutes till soft. Mash avocados with condensed milk (or blend if you have a blender, I don’t right now) Microwave lemon/gelatin for 30 sec. till dissolved add to avocado till blended. Fill pie shell & chill for at least 2 hrs till set. (I would also bet that it would taste even better frozen?) Serve topped with whip cream. El yummola!! Ole!!