(Sir Oliver: this was originally a comment on the scrambled egg recipe, but we thought we should put it up here for everyone to enjoy. Another recipe with oats is the oat shortbread in the dessert section.)

  • submitted by Lesley (Scottish Mizpah)



I’m Scottish so grew up on oatmeal; the way most Americans make it, I’ve noticed, is way too thick–they also miss the salt! A yummy way to make it is with half milk/half water, makes it creamy, but use a good pot with thick bottom or it can burn easily. Oats keep cooking as they sit so it solidifies, hence you don’t need to use half oats to amount of liquid, which many seem to think, a third oats to liquid is more like it, and a pinch of salt for every couple o’ servings. Don’t put sweetener in the pot, let people sprinkle brown sugar or honey over their own bowl–it’s very yummy and sweetener not even needed with a ripe banana cut onto the top, drizzled with cinnamin–raisens are faveorite too, though they can be gassy for older stomachs. Rice milk or soya milk can also be used. Makes for a very healthy breakfast for young and old(er)!!

A tip is to put into the bowls right away and then wash the pot right away before it solidifies, gets hard and sticks and is a major job to clean that ol’ pot–do it while the porridge is fresh and it’ll clean right off. No more groans from the dishwashers either! Come and get it while it’s hot!!! Cheerio!

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