May 2007



This is an easy recipe idea. Brandy or whiskey bonbons, as we know them, are chocolate truffles filled with sweet liquor that gushes out when the shell is punctured. This isn’t quite so feasible at home, so we offer this easy alternative.


(Warning: please be aware that some people are very weak to alcohol, and even a miniscule amount can make them sick. Make sure that whoever you plan to serve them to knows their own alcohol limits.) (more…)


vital for sushi makers (more…)

by kenfrog


This is the first in a series of sushi articles. The California roll was invented 30 years ago by a sushi chef who wanted to make a sushi without any raw ingredients. The roll also has the nori (seaweed laver) on the inside instead of the outside. Traditionally a California roll contains avocado, imitation crab stick, cucumber, and the outside is scattered with sesame seeds. I took the liberty to add salmon as well, but this is optional. serve with soy sauce and wasabi. (more…)

The team will be byusy over the next 2 days as we have visitoras coming over and will need to cook up a literal storm…but we will be back with some exciting new recipes in a few days…stay tuned for:

  • kinako truffles
  • raspberry creme pie
  • gyoza
  • avocado and salmon sushi

and more. Please continue to send all email to the olivechefs email ad. GBY!

Sir Oliver for the team.

by Delia Smith



Serves 2 (more…)

(submitted by Kenfrog)

This is a great and easy way to use up cold brown rice leftovers for a hearty breakfast.

Blend cooked brown rice (hot or cold) with milk to make an oatmeal-consistency cereal. Heat in a saucepan and add some margarine, brown sugar, cinammon, rasins, bananas, or whatever topping you like, and serve with milk like oatmeal.

It tastes great cold as well. Chilled in small cups, sweetened with brown sugar and topped with berries, it may well even pass as a desert.

Click here for the oatmeal recipe

¬†from Delia Smith’s How to Cook II

The fresh broad bean season seems to be so short, I always feel the need to feast as much as possible when I can, hence this salad. It’s good as a first course or to serve alongside other salads in a cold buffet. Remember, when buying broad beans in the shell you’ll need 1 lb (450 g) in weight to get 4 oz (110 g) once shelled.

Serves 4 generously (more…)

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