(from Eve)

By Brenda Hyde
I made my first herbal vinegar last year, and have been making it and using it every chance I get. Try making it just once and you will be amazed at how easy it is. Herb vinegars are so expensive in the store, but creating your own will cost you almost nothing!
You can grow your own herbs or use bundles of herbs from your local grocery store. I have done both, and the results are wonderful. Last year I gave gift baskets with homemade treats, herbal vinegars and recipes. They were a big success!
Just follow the easy steps to create your own vinegars.
Herb combinations
* Basil, thyme and oregano
* Nasturtiums, garlic clove and chives-turns a wonderful color!
* Cilantro, chives, a dried hot pepper, garlic-spicy!
* Thyme alone
* Sage, thyme, and basil
-Or just use your imagination!
The above combinations are ones I have tried. Once you create your own, you will think of different combinations to experiment with. Each one is unique in taste, and you will find different uses. Dill is one herb you need to use sparingly, because it is so strong.
Supplies and ingredients
> clean glass or plastic jar with a tight-fitting lid
> white distilled vinegar or apple cider vinegar
> your selection of herbs
Now create! Rinse and pat dry your herbs, then gently stuff them in a jar up to the top. Pour vinegar over the herbs, filling the jar to the very top. Place the lid on tight, and set on your windowsill for approximately four weeks. Shake gently once a day as you pass by the windowsill.
After a month, strain out the herbs and place the vinegar in your cupboard until you need it!
Using herbal vinegar: Now what do you do with your vinegar? Here are some suggestions!
* Replace the plain vinegar in any recipe-especially dressings.
* Use ½ water and ½ vinegar to baste your meat as you grill it.
* Drizzle over a beef roast after placing in the crockpot. (I put in carrots and potatoes also.)
Comments and tips: I buy white vinegar very cheaply by the gallon. I’ve received a lot of compliments on the taste of my herbal vinegars. I use any glass or plastic jars that I come across-empty dressing jars, pickle jars-anything that can be washed! Later, for gifts, I use nicer bottles. Tie a bow around your bottle, and attach a homemade gift tag.