February 2008

submitted by Sonia, US

This is a delightful chocolate chip cookie recipe that makes small,
perfect cookies with a slightly chewy crunch. Two tips I found helpful
are don't put the dough on hot cookie sheets or they will spread out
flat and become tough; and don't make them too big or they will do
the same thing. Enjoy!


by Leah, Cambodia

Being that my home consist of roughly half new disciples (mostly Asian) and half long time family members, there’s often lots of different opinions when It comes to Tofu.

First there are those who are used to tofu ala combo days: drippy, stir fried blocks tasting heavily of soy sauce. Then there are the Asians who feel tofu is sacred, a lovely dish to be eaten as often as possible.

We settled on a happy medium of tofu once a week, but it was still abhorred by the “white folk” until I came up with a simple recipe one day when I had time to experiment that put tofu on the list for everyone. (more…)