by Leah, Cambodia

Being that my home consist of roughly half new disciples (mostly Asian) and half long time family members, there’s often lots of different opinions when It comes to Tofu.

First there are those who are used to tofu ala combo days: drippy, stir fried blocks tasting heavily of soy sauce. Then there are the Asians who feel tofu is sacred, a lovely dish to be eaten as often as possible.

We settled on a happy medium of tofu once a week, but it was still abhorred by the “white folk” until I came up with a simple recipe one day when I had time to experiment that put tofu on the list for everyone.

Tofu Fried Rice


1 kg.Tofu (these are flat rectangle blocks)

4 stalks of fresh greens.

3 onions

3 cloves of garlic

pinch of oregano

2 stalks of spring onions

2 sprigs of coriander

2 limes

salt and pepper to taste

cold rice. (this is important. The recipe is a flop if you use fresh, hot rice. It has to be at least a day old, and preferably in the refrigerator so that it can get sort of dry and hard. The amount of rice depends on how much tofu you want to taste.)

1. Grate the tofu into a bowl.

2. mince onions and garlic’s very fine.

3. Cut the greens into very, very thin, long pieces.

4. Prepare rice, crumbling it into a large bowl, then set aside.

5. Pour a good quantity of olive oil into the bottom of the wok, and fry onions and garlic’s until just cooked. Add the salt.

6. Throw in grated tofu and turn down the flame, cooking on medium to low heat. The tofu has to be stirred very gently so it retains it’s grated state, otherwise it will just lump together.

7. Stir occasionally, adding pepper, more salt, the juice of 1 lime, and about two teaspoons of oregano.

8. Once tofu is lightly brown, turn up the flame and add fresh greens, frying quickly until they are a dark green, then removing wok from heat so they don’t wilt.

9. add the rice to the wok, and return to flame, stirring, adding more oil if it begins to stick, along with more pepper if you want it spicy.

10. once rice has softened up and is cooked, remove to a serving plate, and decorate with chopped spring onions, coriander and wedges of sliced limes. Serve hot.

—–Leah (Cambodia)