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by Leah, Cambodia

Being that my home consist of roughly half new disciples (mostly Asian) and half long time family members, there’s often lots of different opinions when It comes to Tofu.

First there are those who are used to tofu ala combo days: drippy, stir fried blocks tasting heavily of soy sauce. Then there are the Asians who feel tofu is sacred, a lovely dish to be eaten as often as possible.

We settled on a happy medium of tofu once a week, but it was still abhorred by the “white folk” until I came up with a simple recipe one day when I had time to experiment that put tofu on the list for everyone. (more…)


By Daniel Spaniel, Africa.

This delicious East African recipe is healthy, and easy to
prepare. The rich blend of African, Indian, and Arabic peoples of East
blend in a cuisine typified by such dishes as this variety of
Tried and proven by myself in a number of homes. Never had a complaint

What first sparked my interest in this wonderful dish was a trailer for the new Disney Pixar film about a rat who is trying to realize his impossible dream to become a gourmet chef. The film is called Ratatouille, punning on rat.

Thisa is an oven-roast take on the classic Italian vegetable stew.  I like to serve it with roast chicken on the side and a mild pasta flavored with olive oil and garlic.

The recipe itself is quite versatille, so use different ratios of vegetables at will. Just season it well.


recipe and photo courtesy Delia Smith

Serves 4 (more…)



pictured: california rolls, salmon and avocado, imitation crab and avocado.


vital for sushi makers (more…)

by kenfrog


This is the first in a series of sushi articles. The California roll was invented 30 years ago by a sushi chef who wanted to make a sushi without any raw ingredients. The roll also has the nori (seaweed laver) on the inside instead of the outside. Traditionally a California roll contains avocado, imitation crab stick, cucumber, and the outside is scattered with sesame seeds. I took the liberty to add salmon as well, but this is optional. serve with soy sauce and wasabi. (more…)

by Delia Smith



Serves 2 (more…)

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