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What first sparked my interest in this wonderful dish was a trailer for the new Disney Pixar film about a rat who is trying to realize his impossible dream to become a gourmet chef. The film is called Ratatouille, punning on rat.

Thisa is an oven-roast take on the classic Italian vegetable stew.  I like to serve it with roast chicken on the side and a mild pasta flavored with olive oil and garlic.

The recipe itself is quite versatille, so use different ratios of vegetables at will. Just season it well.


recipe and photo courtesy Delia Smith

Serves 4 (more…)


Yahoo Food reprint

I can think of few things that disappoint me more than being served what-could-have-been a nice salad, only to find that it is literally swimming in dressing toward the bottom. There are a few rules for making great salads, but the number one rule is: don’t overdress! If there is ANY liquid at all remaining when the salad is finished, too much was used. (more…)

 from Delia Smith’s How to Cook II

The fresh broad bean season seems to be so short, I always feel the need to feast as much as possible when I can, hence this salad. It’s good as a first course or to serve alongside other salads in a cold buffet. Remember, when buying broad beans in the shell you’ll need 1 lb (450 g) in weight to get 4 oz (110 g) once shelled.

Serves 4 generously (more…)

(from Eve)

By Brenda Hyde
I made my first herbal vinegar last year, and have been making it and using it every chance I get. Try making it just once and you will be amazed at how easy it is. Herb vinegars are so expensive in the store, but creating your own will cost you almost nothing!
You can grow your own herbs or use bundles of herbs from your local grocery store. I have done both, and the results are wonderful. Last year I gave gift baskets with homemade treats, herbal vinegars and recipes. They were a big success!
Just follow the easy steps to create your own vinegars. (more…)

by Delia Smith

(Sir Oliver: Aubergines are eggplant.)

If you don’t possess a ridged grill pan, you could grill the aubergine slices till nicely browned and tender. Either way, this is a truly delicious combination of textures and flavours.

Serves 4 (more…)



(Delia Smith)

This salad is made with slightly charred oven-roasted red onions, which are then marinated in olive oil and lime juice and layered with rocket leaves and flakes of parmesan. A truly wonderful combination.

(Kenfrog: This salad goes well with pita bread as a filling.)


Serves 4 (more…)

(by Delia Smith)


This must be one of the greatest salad recipes ever. It’s traditionally made with Cos lettuce, but I like a mixture of lettuce and some crunchy rocket leaves. What it can’t take is anything too soft – only the crunchiest leaves will do. The flavours are gutsy, so it’s ideal for a summer lunch outside or, in small portions, for a quite aristocratic but so-simple starter.


(Note from Sir Oliver: You can add spinach leaves for extra nutrition, too. Red or purple lettuce ook great. Some of these recipes are a bit extravagant, but just work withthem like a canvas…you can build on it or subtract from it…this is the basic idea for a caeser salad, which is really quite a gourmet (yet simple) salad to serve to the home.)

Serves 4 as a light lunch or 6 as a starter (more…)

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