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pictured: california rolls, salmon and avocado, imitation crab and avocado.



vital for sushi makers (more…)

by kenfrog


This is the first in a series of sushi articles. The California roll was invented 30 years ago by a sushi chef who wanted to make a sushi without any raw ingredients. The roll also has the nori (seaweed laver) on the inside instead of the outside. Traditionally a California roll contains avocado, imitation crab stick, cucumber, and the outside is scattered with sesame seeds. I took the liberty to add salmon as well, but this is optional. serve with soy sauce and wasabi. (more…)

 from Delia Smith’s How to Cook II

The fresh broad bean season seems to be so short, I always feel the need to feast as much as possible when I can, hence this salad. It’s good as a first course or to serve alongside other salads in a cold buffet. Remember, when buying broad beans in the shell you’ll need 1 lb (450 g) in weight to get 4 oz (110 g) once shelled.

Serves 4 generously (more…)



(by Kenfrog)

Firstly, I’d like to state that tofu is subject to much unsolicited prejudice. Perhaps some of you tofu haters…(Sandra’s name withheld for protection) have encountered tofu in goopey, distasteful institutionalized dishes that turned your stomach. I don’t blame


you…But I do want you to be open to trying tofu again.

More on tofu later. A fair number of homes get tofu in provisioning. This recipe is a good way to use it up, and it tastes great too! It was originally for a crocuette sized ball, but I recently adapted iyt for the pita bread recipe, as it goes well in the place of hummus. (That’s chickpeas…not an Islamic group)


(Delia Smith)

In keeping with the principle that outdoor eating needs to be gutsy, these little potatoes are just that. They’re easy too – they don’t need any attention; you just leave them in the oven till you’re ready to serve.

Serves 4-6 (more…)

submitted by Sonialee


Serves 8-10 (more…)

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