(by Rosita)


A tip I often share with cooks attempting to make that “perfect chicken soup” is to have chicken broth available at all times as a stock item in your refridgerator or freezer.When you boil a whole chicken or boil down soup bones there are many qualities that are wonderful for both flavor and health, but what often turns people off is the high fat rate.
Imagine, you sit down to enjoy a hot bowl of freshly made chicken soup and as you go to taste you see a clear layer of animal fat/oil floating on top of all those tasty vegetables and meat.
Simple solution: make broth ahead of time, let cool for several hours or preferably overnight. The chicken grease will automatically float to the top and harden. Scoop out and throw away. Your broth will have a more defined flavor and a whole lot less fat. Heat up the broth and continue as before to cook your vegetables, noodles, or other ingredients.
I usually use broth as my water to cook the chicken in. Makes for a more concentrated taste as well. Enjoy!



(Submitted by Sir Oliver)

On a recent archaeological expedition to Egypt i was permitted to study the ancient tomb of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. Cleopatra, who looked exactly like Elizabeth Taylor, was a very clever woman. The heiroglyphics on her tomb had been a mystery for ages, but just last week a couple of my cryptographer friends, (That is Yolanda and Jenna) cracked the code and discovered a recipe that was the secret to Cleopatra’s beauty and wisdom.

ha ha ha…seriously now. It’s an original recipe. A delicious soup that is especially nice in the winter months. Three vital ingredients–chicken, garlic, and leeks, are good for colds.