• Sir Oliver: Site Administrator and Moderator. Checks the olivechefs Email box. (lives in Paris, Spain.)
  • Kenfrog: Editor and photographer (Lives in Japan)
  • Yolanda: Web Design and Color Coordinator. (Lives in Antarctica)

16 Responses to “Olivechefs Staff”

  1. Babylove Says:

    Kenfrog! Whom are you in Japan? Do I know thee?

  2. Babylove Says:

    Scratch that, I got it! You’re Leika’s sister!

  3. Kenfrog Says:

    um…no, I’m most certainly not her sister. I’m her brother.

  4. Babylove Says:

    ha ha, great that’s what I get for commenting on the run. hee! I will give you the benifit of the doubt that you’re not her sister!!

  5. kenfrog Says:

    what what? I am quite certain of my gender, and I have no reason to suspect I have turned female.

  6. David (of Sunny) Says:

    Dear Sir Oliver,
    I knew that the European Union was uniting Europe but not to the point of shifting Paris into Spain????

  7. Yolanda Says:

    Apologies. Sir Oliver is convinced that he lives in Spain and Paris at the same time, and I could not convince him otherwise. The reality is that he lives in Madrid, France, (but just try telling him that! He’s so obstinate.)

  8. Sir Oliver Says:

    I’m not obstinate!

  9. theprincesses Says:

    Ha ha, Al, you crack me up!
    and Kenfrog, these recipies make me hungry.

  10. kenfrog Says:

    send some in sometime!

  11. Abi David of Jesus Says:

    That was funny to read! I am from Paris/Spain! I mean Paris/UK ha! Anyway, today for the first time I went on this site! Great! I already wrote in some comments on the section ‘how to decafeine tea’ please check it out! I am congratulating each of you! It is a great site! Indeed! And you Kenfrog I have a feeling that we are related? Could it be? Anyway I am Abi from the ‘frog’ legs country/Spain! ha! Love you.

  12. Lily Says:

    Great site–I totally love recipes and will be sending you some soon…thanks for all the time and love…and yum!

  13. Sir Oliver Says:


  14. Josh Says:

    COOL Ken. Good good work! remember yr up with the best…but don’t let em push you aroudn! hehehe. See you someday soon HOPEFULLY? Pray!

  15. kenfrog Says:

    push me around? Ha!

  16. Mixtup Says:

    kenfrog, where’s Leika? What brother are you of hers? I thought she had a ton of sisters. Maybe I’m thinking of someone else.

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