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A nice, light, fragrant summer pie. It may seem difficult with its two layered filling, but it’s really easy. Unlike many other recipes (custard for example…or some cakes)  in which the egg yolks are the main star and the whites are confined to am eternity in a tuppaware in the fridge, this pie uses the yolk and white of the whole egg. Convenient.

Once you’ve made it once, you can reduce the sugar each time you make it until you find the right level…then you can make it for breakfast.


makes 1 large 25 cm pie…multiply as led. (more…)


What first sparked my interest in this wonderful dish was a trailer for the new Disney Pixar film about a rat who is trying to realize his impossible dream to become a gourmet chef. The film is called Ratatouille, punning on rat.

Thisa is an oven-roast take on the classic Italian vegetable stew.  I like to serve it with roast chicken on the side and a mild pasta flavored with olive oil and garlic.

The recipe itself is quite versatille, so use different ratios of vegetables at will. Just season it well.


recipe and photo courtesy Delia Smith

Serves 4 (more…)

Yahoo Food reprint

I can think of few things that disappoint me more than being served what-could-have-been a nice salad, only to find that it is literally swimming in dressing toward the bottom. There are a few rules for making great salads, but the number one rule is: don’t overdress! If there is ANY liquid at all remaining when the salad is finished, too much was used. (more…)



pictured: california rolls, salmon and avocado, imitation crab and avocado.




This is an easy recipe idea. Brandy or whiskey bonbons, as we know them, are chocolate truffles filled with sweet liquor that gushes out when the shell is punctured. This isn’t quite so feasible at home, so we offer this easy alternative.


(Warning: please be aware that some people are very weak to alcohol, and even a miniscule amount can make them sick. Make sure that whoever you plan to serve them to knows their own alcohol limits.) (more…)

vital for sushi makers (more…)

by kenfrog


This is the first in a series of sushi articles. The California roll was invented 30 years ago by a sushi chef who wanted to make a sushi without any raw ingredients. The roll also has the nori (seaweed laver) on the inside instead of the outside. Traditionally a California roll contains avocado, imitation crab stick, cucumber, and the outside is scattered with sesame seeds. I took the liberty to add salmon as well, but this is optional. serve with soy sauce and wasabi. (more…)