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Christian Newman, whose cooking passion goes unmatched, has just started a new cooking site, 10 stars out of 11 deserved. Click on the banner below to check it out! Oh, and do link him.



I haven’t been updating this blog, but I’ve written some articles on Japanese food, including some recipes for simple sushi. These articles are available on my writing site at http://frogplace.wordpress.com in the articles section.

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submitted by Sonia, US

This is a delightful chocolate chip cookie recipe that makes small,
perfect cookies with a slightly chewy crunch. Two tips I found helpful
are don't put the dough on hot cookie sheets or they will spread out
flat and become tough; and don't make them too big or they will do
the same thing. Enjoy!

by Leah, Cambodia

Being that my home consist of roughly half new disciples (mostly Asian) and half long time family members, there’s often lots of different opinions when It comes to Tofu.

First there are those who are used to tofu ala combo days: drippy, stir fried blocks tasting heavily of soy sauce. Then there are the Asians who feel tofu is sacred, a lovely dish to be eaten as often as possible.

We settled on a happy medium of tofu once a week, but it was still abhorred by the “white folk” until I came up with a simple recipe one day when I had time to experiment that put tofu on the list for everyone. (more…)

By Daniel Spaniel, Africa.

This delicious East African recipe is healthy, and easy to
prepare. The rich blend of African, Indian, and Arabic peoples of East
blend in a cuisine typified by such dishes as this variety of
Tried and proven by myself in a number of homes. Never had a complaint

I’ll be cooking at XD for three weeks, sao i wont be updating…then again i havent for a whole month! be back!


Mike Adams, NewsTarget

The myth: Ingredient lists on food products are designed to inform consumers about what’s contained in the product. The reality: ingredients lists are used by food manufacturers to deceive consumers and trick them into thinking products are healthier (or better quality) than they really are. This article explores the most common deceptions used by food manufacturers to trick consumers with food ingredients lists. It also contains useful tips for helping consumers read such labels with the proper skepticism. (more…)